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Games Institute Project Information Posters

These posters were created to explain the research of graduate students in layman terms for the public. These project posters explain the relevance of the individual’s research in the context of their respective discipline. These posters are intended to be content-rich to fully encapsulate the scope of the research. For this document, I worked with the respective students responsible for the research contained in these posters to establish content that would be easily understood by the public. I worked in collaboration with Julie Grant on layout and graphics.


Graduate Student Orientation Pamphlet at The Games Institute

These are pages 1-4 of a graduate student orientation pamphlet I worked on in conjunction with Julie Grant in Creative Services at the University of Waterloo. This pamphlet was intended to be used as a recruitment tool for graduate students. For this document, I wrote all of the content, and I was responsible for collaborating with Julie Grant on layout and graphics.


Communications Strategy for The Games Institute

I have developed a sound communications strategy that embodies the necessary components of corporate and organizational communication while being attentive to the need to tailor this strategy for the audience within and affiliated with The Games Institute. Through the execution of a conceptual corporate and organizational communication strategy like the one I created, individuals will be able to engage in communications practices that are cognisant of corporate structures, brand empowerment and discoverability within new and existing media.


Alumni Relations Student Outreach Postcard

This Alumni Relations postcard is a resource that I created with Jennifer Halcrow in Creative Services at the University of Waterloo. This document ended up having 10,000 copies printed, and it was then used in the orientation kits for first year students to help to better acquaint them with the university. For this document, I wrote all of the content, and I was responsible for collaborating with Jennifer Halcrow on layout and graphics.


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Public Relations

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